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Small Changelog

AiKiller posted Sep 10, 17

Due to some backend issues with the /msg plugin we were using I removed permissions to use it and made so everyone now uses a different one so /msgs now look a bit differently but still function the same.

(Thanks doc for the help.)

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey knocked out my internet for nearly a week and I've only been able to access Discord and ocasinally the forums when I have to ban someone that doesn't know how to get a life.

With that being said my internet/tv is a little choppy right now so I have a feeling it might be unrealiable for a few days/weeks until all the flooding goes down.

But all that out of the way I was able to stay safe through the storm the flooding didn't effect me too bad except it knocking out my tv/internet. It started to get pretty serious in my area at the end but thankfully it stopped if you were effected by Hurricane Harvey I'm truly sorry and hope that you're able to rebuild and get your life back on track as soon and stressless as you possibly can.

At this time I can truly say I'm proud to be a Texan the amount of people going to help others even though their own homes have been destroyed is really amazing. Thank you to the first responders, the military, and everyone else that is helping everyone whether you are physically helping out or you are one of the ones who has donated (any amount of money) I myself and everyone else appreciates what you've done to help out.

On that note thank you to my staff who've been around helping out with the server or been around when I needed you (to ban someone on the forums when I couldn't) or anything else for that matter I'm glad that I got a team that I can trust to take care of the server when I'm not around.

So for those of yall who are unware there is a hurricane headed towards Texas and I myself am from Texas and will get hit by the hurricane it's highly likely that I will lose power and not be around for the next few days if you need a staff member please do not contact me because I probably won't be able to get back to you so contact a staff member. Your best bet is to get on Discord and private message one of them or mention their rank by doing @staff in #general which will ping all staff. You can also DM one of them to get back to them a bit faster. If the server starts lagging contact a Admin (Pleb or Dorilds) and if they aren't around and ShadowDoctor is ping him to restart it. If nobody is around DM Pleb and he'll get back with you as soon as he has the chance.

Lastly if you're in the area and are also getting affected by Huricane Harvey be careful!

Changelog of 8/8/17

AiKiller posted Aug 8, 17

Checkout all the cool new stuff in the Mob Arena update by clicking here!

July's Top Voters

AiKiller posted Jul 30, 17

Congrats to the top voters this month! Thanks for your support! <3

1st place: pleb_gaming with 100 votes

2nd place: knightsjoker with 63 votes

3rd place: Nneegg with 44 votes

1st place gets $5,000 in game and a "Top Voter" badge on the website

2nd place will be receiving $2,500

3rd place will be receiving $1,000

(Money and badges have already been given out)

Pleb_Gaming Wow, totally not a copy paste of last month &lt;3
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