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Applications Revamped!

By AiKiller Unwise - Posted Oct 2, 17

So I haven't really been happy with how the applications are made and reviewed so I took the time to revamp the applications page and turned it into a forum rather than a proper applicaiton.

Ontop of revamping applicaitons I took the time to change the Twitch/YouTube applications I no longer have a hard requirement of numbers but if you're a streamer I've added other ranks the three streaming ranks are now Twitch, Mixer, and Stream the difference in each is Twitch/Mixer is for bigger streamers who will have more perks than the smaller streamers and "Stream" will be for smaller streamers who won't have as many perks.

Just to note even though I've changed the applications into a forum I've made it so you can't view any applications except your own.

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