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Tragic Loss

By AiKiller Unwise - Posted Oct 26, 17

For those unware and wondering where I've been I had a sudden tragic loss in my family October 15th Sunday night my step mom passed away unexpectedly without a reason and I've been taking care of my dad, going to the funeral, and a bunch of other stuff that has caused me to be away from the server

I am not 100% back yet but I will be kinda active here and there for a few days because we still need to raise money for my Dad to help pay for all the expenses and other reasons that'll keep me away from the server.

If you need any help or have any questions please do not ping me directly contact Pleb_Gaming in game, on the forums, or on Discord and he'll do his best to answer you back or help you out with whatever you need help with. If it is out of his hands or he's not sure he will send me a PM and I'll get back with him as soon as I possibly can. If you see me on the server or talking on Discord feel free to ask me while I'm around but please do not private message me or ping me because the last thing I wanna do is to pull out my phone and worry about the server if another staff can handle it when I'm really busy.

Thank you for understanding

~ Ai

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