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So with the 1 year anniversary coming up and the server financially hurting (read below for more on this) I thought I'd start a sale where everything in the store is 25% off starting now and ending on may 1st on everything in the store.

So with me not being around and not being able to stream that much the server (players) numbers have gone down which means there hasn't really been any donations towards the server which also means the money I had built up for the server has gotten pretty low (lower than I want) and we all (mostly) know that I haven't been able to work due to transportation issues (and other) and with me being completely honest with the players I thought I would make this post and tell everyone what's going on.

So here it is the post I've been dreading to make... Without donations this server cannot run going off what we currently have we'll be up a few (2+?) months so we need your help to keep the server running. It doesn't take much to keep the server going so any amount is greatly appreciated and helps more than you would think. We have a key in the store (with the current discount) that costs $0.75 USD so if you want to help out but can't help out with too much just buy a few keys.

If you already have a rank or just want to donate any amount to the server without having to go through the store you can donate through streamlabs (which is a service I use for my stream donations) which is this link here: https://streamlabs.com/aikiller the only thing I ask is you use your in game name so I know who you are and can attempt to give you something special in game.

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