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This is a post that I've been dreading to make but here it is..

So after a year of the server being up I am officially going to have to shut the doors on the server and all the great ideas I (and others) had and shut the server down.

With everyone not having time for the server anymore.. including myself the server funds have dropped below steady and I'm no longer able to keep up with the server finacially. We've had a few donations to keep the server up longer through my last post so I'll be able to keep the doors open until (roughly) June 3rd and after that there will no longer be an ArtificialMC.

Due to me not having time for the server and trying to find solutions of working / getting my truck fixed so I can work, family deaths, and just overall "life" I haven't had much time for the server I had a bunch of plans for the one year anniversery of the server but due to me not having time (and ShadowDoctor not having enough time) we weren't able to execute these amazing ideas we had.

I've put a lot of time and effort into ArtificialMC both on the server and off and have made it what it is today. I've been searching for hosts that would help us out with partnerships where I'd advertise their business for a discount (to help us go longer) but never could find anyone who was willing to help the little guy who had all these ideas (which is understandable). Me and Doc has put many hours into figuring out how to make and improve the mob arenas, relic shops, adminshop, adding in new ideas like boss mobs that would drop custom items where you'd be able to upgrade your weapons and so many more ideas and that's not even including everything Pleb and the other staff and players who've chipped in over the year to help us out. I will be backing everything up for the future if I ever get the time and money to do a round 2.

So here it is... goodbye to everyone that's played on ArtificialMC. Thank you to everyone who has stuck through the server through all the changes. I've enjoyed the year here and I greatly wish I could have keep it going I've had many great memories and made so many great friends.

The discord server will continue to stay open if you wish to stay in contact with the other players and staff.


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